How to Make a Child Support Payment:

You have several options when making a payment on your child support case:

  • Through the State Disbursement Unit ( by automatic withdrawal, credit card or check.
  • Call (866)901-3212 to make a debit/credit card payment over the phone.
  • By cash, debit/credit card or e-check at our lobby kiosk machine located at 333 W Julian Street, San Jose, CA 95110.
  • MoneyGram – Make your child support payment with cash through MoneyGram inside retailers like CVS or Walmart. Additional locations can be found by calling 1 (800) 926-9400 or on-line at You must have your Participant ID and Receive Code 14630 to make a payment using MoneyGram. There is a $1.99 fee payable to MoneyGram to use this payment option.
  • PayNearMe - Make your child support payments at any one of more than 1,500 7-Eleven stores. You will need a barcode to make a PayNearMe payment, which can be obtained by contacting the Department’s customer service number at (866)901-3212. There is a $1.99 fee payable to PayNearMe to use this payment option.
  • ​Use PayPal to make a payment, yo​u will need your California Child Support Participant ID number and a PayPal account. Methods of payment accepted by PayPal are; PayPal balance, PayPal branded debit and credit cards, bank account debit card, and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover). There is a 2.49% ($3.95 minimum) service fee on every transaction.
  • View our videos on the various payment options to make paying your child support more convenient.  These options include:  Paying by Phone, Paying Online, MoneyGram (WalMart & CVS), PayNearMe (7-Eleven & CVS), and our Self-Service Payment Kiosk.
  • Our videos are available in English and Spanish.​ YouTube icon

Notice: The maximum transaction amount per day is $5,000.00.
It may take three or four days for your payment to be posted to your child support account.​​​

Receive a Payment

Here are your options to receiving payments:

Direct Deposit

You may enroll in direct deposit by contacting the SDU at 1 (866) 901-3212 or by enrolling on-line at ( By enrolling in direct deposit, your payment is automatically deposited into your checking or savings account. If you live outside of the United States, Click Here​

Electronic Payment Card (EPC)

An EPC card is similar to an ATM card. When a payment is received and processed, it is applied to the EPC card. You may enroll to receive an EPC card by contacting the SDU at 1 (866) 901-3212 or by enrolling on-line at (

Standard Bank Check

Receive checks in the mail to your address on file with the Department of Child Support Services. The checks will be mailed by the State Disbursement Unit. If the non-custodial parent has made a payment but you did not receive a check, please contact us to ensure your correct address is on file. If the address on file is not accurate, you can update it by contacting us at 1 (866) 901-3212 or log into our self-serve Customer Connect website. (​)

Payment Status:

Check payment status by visiting the CA State Child Support Customer Connect website


Please feel free to contact your caseworker at 1 (866) 901-3212 for further assistance.​

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