• A Certification to Return to Work is a form utilized by a party that is completed by an M.D. detailing the party’s claimed disability (Disability Verification).
  • An Income and Expense Declaration (I&E) is a Judicial Council form that is required by the court to be filed and served by the moving and responding parties in an action actions before the court. (Income and Expense Declaration) (Income and Expense InstructionsNew!
  • A Work Search Report is a court order to seek employment and report all efforts on the forms provided, which includes a work search log. Customarily Seek Work Order consists of a minimum of 10 efforts per week, along with registration with 10 employment agencies and signing up with the One-Stop program in your county. The program in Santa Clara County is Work2Future (Work Search Packet).
  • If you have been served with a summons and complaint by the Department of Child Support Services, and wish to file an answer, please complete the Answer Form and file it with the Court or mail it to the Department.
  • In order for DCSS to speak with a party represented by counsel, An “Authorization to Speak with Represented Party” form must be completed. This form will detail the level of communication permitted between the attorney’s client and DCSS.

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