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Information regarding Employer Electronic Support Payments

Questions and Answers for Employers Who Receive Multiple Wage Assignments.

Sometimes an employer receives two or three wage assignments for one employee. Why?

Sometimes an older wage assignment may be from different counties; or a noncustodial parent may have more than one case and therefore require more than one wage assignment; or there may be more than one court order for a family.

In addition to the wage assignment for current support, sometimes employers receive a second order from another jurisdiction for arrears. Which assignment should be honored?

Pay current support first. An additional amount can be deducted for arrears if the total does NOT exceed 50 percent of the employee's NET wages - or 60 percent if authorized by the court.

If an employee has two or more wage assignments, and if the amount of the wage assignments exceeds the 50 (or 60) percent limit, the employer should send the amount of withholdings that meet the 50 (or 60 percent) requirement and include a note with the payment explaining why the full amount of the wage assignment is not deducted.

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